My Story

Wesley van der Ster

born in the magic city Rotterdam. Wesley grew up in the Dutch dance scene were he began to develop his taste in trancemusic. From a young age he knew his life goal was to evolve as an artist and to create a sound that brings people together, combined with an atmosphere that people will still talk about for many and many years later.

The fact that everybody wants to be a ‘’DJ’’ these days doesn't mind him to stay focused on his life goal to separate him from the rest. In the year 2015 Wesley got his master degree Sound Education Netherlands which he worked very hard for and passed his final exams cum laude.

Mark Davidson, a concept without any boundaries

Wesley teamed up with Peter Knijff to gain more progress, to fine tune the product in all aspects. To be an artist these days, you will need more then to be a good Dj, or to release good records, you need other minds combined together to create the best results as a team. This is when the Mark Davidson concept was born.

Mark Davidson is more then a name itself, it's a team that builds a future for the love of music.

The future.

The Davidson sound will be a statement in the trancemusic industry, It's commercially as with strong and bass type touch. Mark Davidson has the focus for upcoming gigs around the country and eventually global.

Thanks for all the support!

See you soon!

Mark Davidson.

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